CrossFit method group classes have taken comprehensive strength and conditioning for the individual and incorporated the x-factor of community. At the Collective, we tirelessly adapt the workout each day to each client’s needs. Frankly, we happily spoil our members rotten and hold a high standard of giving them our best. As such, a majority of the time, a traditional membership to CrossFit Collective comes with so many personalized facets that it’s always worth considering in a discussion about looking for high value personal training.

In our Personal Training Program (PTP), we take the model of a group of clients working with 1 or 2 coaches, and flip it around. Our PTP utilizes multiple coaches working with an individual. We do this to exploit our coaching teams’ individual specialized expertise. You don’t have to search for one coach who knows everything about everything (they don’t exist, anyway). Instead, when you commit to enrolling in our PTP, you get a team of experts working with you at various stages of your development, as your goals dictate.


Get out of bed feeling great! Go about your day with energy and a physical sense of ease. Train toward a physical accomplishment by build fitness on a fully functional body. Health or wellness is a measure of comprehensive vitality. Our fitness is our work capacity. Our fitness starts with movement. Specifically, your body was designed to move without pain; to have relative strength, endurance, and control. To have these virtues is to define “functional”, a baseline of competency. This is where we begin with our PTP.

To build appropriate fitness to accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish, we need to establish that baseline of competency, and then we can build capacity that will have far greater potential and very low risk for injury. Think of this approach like a pyramid where great movement quality and healthy living is the base. Performance (general strength and conditioning) can safely be built at that point. From there, specific skills that are functional to your goals can be practiced, and there in is the very personal aspect of the PTP.

We use systems like the Functional Movement Screening, body composition measurements, nutrition assessments, and priority goal setting with accountability as a starting point to ensure success in our program. The sky is the limit, if you are committed, and the support you need is appropriately built into your lifestyle.

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