In the words of Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit… “What will inevitably doom a physical training program and dilute a coach’s efficacy is a lack of commitment to fundamentals. We see this increasingly in both programming and supervising execution. Rarely now do we see prescribed the short, intense couplets or triplets that epitomize CrossFit programming. Rarely do trainers really nitpick the mechanics of fundamental movements. I understand how this occurs. It is natural to want to teach people advanced and fancy movements. The urge to quickly move away from the basics and toward advanced movements arises out of the natural desire to entertain your client and impress him with your skills and knowledge. But make no mistake: it is a sucker’s move. Teaching a snatch where there is not yet an overhead squat, teaching an overhead squat where there is not yet an air squat, is a colossal mistake. This rush to advancement increases the chance of injury, delays advancement and progress, and blunts the client’s rate of return on his efforts. In short, it retards his fitness.”
(Virtuosity, CrossFit Journal, 2005)
Our mission is to guide our clients toward a lifestyle of health and wellness. Our coaches are parents, professionals, and have been through a lot of the challenges that life brings. We understand the difficulty of trying to stay fit, enjoy life, and be available to help others. We want to help you fold fitness into your lifestyle to support health, awesome life experiences, and playfulness. We use the incredible effective methods of CrossFit training, and scientific principles tested over decades of athletic development in order to ultimately teach you how to have this in your day-to-day living.
We are rooted on the philosophy that movement quality gives a base for performance capacity (general fitness), and the ability to perform “work” gives us opportunity to develop specific skills for life, occupations, and personal endeavors. Furthermore, our priority with each client is to show them how to maintain, (or, return to) a state of stability in their body’s health, a homeostasis or balance of stressors and recovery agents. This priority ensures that we are progressing in health and skill, and not doing anything detrimental to this end. 
What to Expect:
We start every client with a full assessment that includes:
– Health history evaluation (and as needed, prerequisite medical professional’s clearance)
– Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
– Body composition as a baseline
– Full spectrum performance evaluation (endurance, relative strength, agility, coordination, balance, etc)
This information gives us critical data that measures your readiness to start a fitness development program safely. It also tells us exactly where you will start within our programming, thus making the adaptivity curve as gradual as possible. We assign “homework” based on findings in the FMS, which give you practical instruction on how to ensure great movement, and subsequent performance (strength & conditioning) training.
Once you have gotten started, we go even further in our support, by holding you accountable to show up every week. We will bend over backwards doing what we can to keep you on track toward your goals. Our coaches arrive early, stay late, and are bound as team to help every person who commits to our community. 
Perhaps the most attractive aspect of your membership with CrossFit Collective will simply be the fantastic community of people who, like you, are striving to be the best version of themselves that’s possible. The atmosphere on a daily basis is motivating, energizing, and positive. This you will have to experience for yourself!
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