OCT.9.17 MON

a1) Neutral Grip Deadlift
Use a hex-bar, Farmer Handles, DB, or KB to deadlift while pulling load from either side of the body.
@1111 x 5rep x 3set

a2) Dumbbell Cuban Press
– Keep this relatively light and focus on ROM, and tempo. This is a “small muscle” control movement
@2020 x 8-10r x 3s

b1) Single Leg Box Squat
Perform a “pistol” to a box of appropriate height using the following tempo:
@2111 x 5ea x 3set

b2) Bent Over BB Row
@3011 x 8-10r x 3s

c) Core/Conditioning
E90sec x 10rounds
10 Elbow Side Plank Hip raise (Left)
5 Ball Slams
10 Elbow Side Plank Hip raise (Right)
5 Ball Slams


5min Work/2min Rest x 4

Min 1) Battling rope reps (any variation)
Min 2) Burpee Pull-up
Min 3) Box Step ups (+wt as desired)
Min 4) Sit-ups
Min 5) Row for cal


Move through as a giant round, 3x. Take about 60sec between movements, and more at the end of a round as needed. The aim is strength training, NOT conditioning. Go heavy based on tech and ability to keep technique through out a set.

a1) Front Squat or Goblet Squat
– Pre-req for “heavy” weight on Barbell is excellent W.F. Squat
@3010 x 8 x 3set

a2) Dumbbell Floor Press or Push-up
Scale up or down as needed
@3010 x 10 x 3set

a3) Romanian Deadlift
@3010 x 8 x 3set

a4) Alternating Single Arm Hang or Alt. feet assist S.A. Ring Hold
– 60sec accumulated. No tempo
– Keep body long and “hollow”
– 3 sets

b) Core/Conditioning
10min AMRAP
5/5 Lateral MB throw (about 10% bwt from 4ft from wall)
10 Lunge Switch Jumps

OCT.12.17 THU

Active Recovery Day. Get out for some activity outside. Explore new or “rusty” ways of moving, and recover all around.

OCT.13.17 FRI

NO 6:30pm Class tonight!!

a1) Bulgarian Split Squat
@3010 x 8 x 3sets
– Load as possible, building toward 66% bwt

a2) Push-press (DB or BB)
@11X1 x 8 x 3sets
BB can be taken from rack
Full control at top, and pause before each rep

b1) 180/180 degree Plank Walk
– Elevate feet; Keep hollow posture x 4set

b2) Seated Box Jump
(or seated leap w/o box)
x3-5 reps x 4sets
– Jump to height that hips can stay higher than knees at landing (on box)
– Sit at parallel or just above
– Do not rush reps. Rest fully between reps. Max effort matters.

b3) Battling Rope Tsunami “Waves”
3-5 reps x 4sets

c) Conditioning
400m Run
50 Air Squat

OCT.14.17 SAT

We are hosting The Festivus Games today, so no classes, however…

Run/walk 5-10km or 30-60min.