OCT.9.17 MON

a) Skill Practice – Muscle-up
Take about 20min to PRACTICE perfection
10 x 2-5 jumping or assisted Muscle Ups
– Rest at least 60sec between sets
6-10 x 1 Negative Ring Muscle-ups (10-ct)
– Rest as needed. Keep quality. Stop at critical drop off.

b) Conditioning
5 intervals of:
100m run
30 Double Unders
10 Pistols (alternating)
– Work/Rest = 1:1

OCT.10.17 TUE

(60sec work/60sec rest x 7rounds)  x2 to 3 blocks
– 3min rest between each block of 7 intervals, or rounds
– Experience and/or time crunched complete 2 blocks. If you have the time, then do all 3.
1st Block (completed in 60sec):
5 Power Snatch
10 Push-up
Max meter Row

2nd Block (completed in 60sec):
40 Double Unders
10 Push-press
Max Air Squats

3rd Block (completed in 60sec):
10 Pull-ups (any kip style)
10 Lunge Switch Jumps
Max sit-ups

*FYI: Done to completion, this will take 51min

OCT.11.17 WED

a) Front Squat
Find a 1RM @3010, in about 5 actual attempts
Build up sets:
30 x BB only BS
5 x 50% @3010
3 x 75% @3010
1 x 80% @3010
1 x 85% @3010
1 x 90% @3010
….Begin working sets at same tempo

b) 85% test – Front Squat
Exactly 10min after completing 1RM, drop to 85%, and complete max reps at @3010.
– Have a partner count tempo and reps for you.

c) Conditioning
5minW/2minR x 4 (26min total time)
5min interval:
Row 250
10 KBS
10 Burpee
10 KBS
10 Burpee
10 KBS
Row 250
– Use appropriate rest to complete all work at exactly 5min, not faster or slower. Focus on controlled pace.
– This is NOT a max effort interval.

OCT.12.17 THU

Active Recovery Day. Restore excellent movement through tissue work, light activity, and all around good recovery habits.

OCT.13.17 FRI





OCT.13.17 FRI

NO 6:30pm Class tonight!!

a1) Bulgarian Split Squat
@3010 x 8 x 3sets
– Load as possible, building toward 66% bwt

a2) Push-press (DB or BB)
@11X1 x 8 x 3sets
BB can be taken from rack
Full control at top, and pause before each rep

b1) Handstand Walk 
20m x 4sets
Try to complete with as few breaks as possible
Rest at least 1 min before B2

b2) Seated Box Jump
(or seated leap w/o box)
x3-5 reps x 4sets
– Jump to height that hips can stay higher than knees at landing (on box)
– Sit at parallel or just above
– Do not rush reps. Rest fully between reps. Max effort matters.

b3) Squat Clean
3-5 reps x 4sets (not TnG) at 72-75%
– Be aggressive. Make each rep look perfect. Pause in catch as desired.

c) Conditioning
400m Run
50 Air Squat

OCT.14.17 SAT

We are hosting The Festivus Games today, so no classes, however…

Run/walk 5-10km or 30-60min.