OCT.30.17 MON

a1) TGU Press Complex
Arm bar 10sec +
9 rep TGU press complex
each side by 3 rounds

a2) Xiaopeng Arm Circle
30sec Wt’d arm circle per side

b1) Tuck L-Sit on Paralletes
– Advanced use rings with same protocol

b2) Horizontal Hang (from rings)
Move in and out of end ROM for 60sec

c) Conditioning
AMRAP 15min
10 cal row
20 sit-ups
30 air squat

OCT.31.17 TUE

45-60min x 1 at 70% (easy effort)
10-20 KB Swing
5-10 Cal Air Bike
25/25m Single Arm Overhead Carry
10-12 GHD Sit-up or Hanging Leg Raise

NOV.1.17 WED

a) Skill Practice
Clean, Squat, and Thruster practice with multiple apparatus from MB (up to 50lb), Kettlebell, Dumbbell, and Barbell as possible.

b) Benchmark Test
Row 2000m for time

NOV.2.17 THU


NOV.3.17 FRI

(3:00W/2:00R x 3) x 2with 5min rest from last interval in first block to first interval in second block. Work at 80-90% of 3min Max Effort

Block 1:
7 Wall-ball Shots
7 Pull-up (or jumping pull-up)
7 Burpees

(Starting at 18:00 on clock)
Block 2:
10x10m shuttle sprint
Max Distance Row
(Total work ends at 31:00)

NOV.4.17 SAT

Aerobic Volume of basic movements with 2nd and 4th intervals used for measuring repeatability.

(10:00w/5:00r x4)
Interval 1:
10/15 cal Row
15 Squat
10 Sit-up

Interval 2:
100m Run
30 Double Unders

Interval 3:
10 Box Step Ups (20″ +wt. if desired)
6 DB Push-press

Interval 4:
100m Run
30 Double Unders