OCT.30.17 MON

a1) TGU Press Complex
Arm bar 10sec +
9 rep TGU press complex
each side by 3 rounds

a2) Xiaopeng Arm Circle
30sec Wt’d arm circle per side

b1)Stationary Dip
@3010 x 4-8 x 5
– Mastery use Rings with same protocol

b2) Horizontal Hang (from rings)
Move in and out of end ROM for 60sec

c) Conditioning
AMRAP 15min
10 cal row
20 sit-ups
30 air squat

OCT.31.17 TUE

Skill biased day of training between two hard workouts on Monday and Wednesday. Effort should stay under individual limits, and focus is on highest quality reps.

a1) Hang Snatch
3r x 5set
– Rest 2min

a2) Negative Strict Muscle-up
15sec descent from top to bottom.
x5 sets
– Rest 1min
– Ring Support of 30sec +, and strict pull-ups are pre-req’s for this drill. Practice negative pull-ups if needed.

b) Conditioning Circuit
5 rounds w/1-2min rest between sets
50m Reverse sled pull
20 Hollow Rocks
30 Unbroken Double Unders

NOV.1.17 WED

Task oriented Benchmark Test. Again, we use tests as checkpoints for you to determine balance across factors effecting your progress, Directly, we can ideally see if you can do this same workout faster proving greater work capacity. Indirectly, we can evaluate if your intensity vs skill balance through the week, as well as ability to work for 15+min at high intensity (aerobic capacity).

a) Work Capacity Benchmark

Open Workout 16.5
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Men use 95 lb.
Women use 65 lb.

NOV.2.17 THU


NOV.3.17 FRI

Pre-req of volume of unbroken movements listed. No scaling today. Complete Function Programming as needed.


(:60W/:60R x 7) x 3b with 3min rest between blocks
80-90% of 60sec Max Effort

Block 1:
Row for meters
Block 2:
7 Thrusters (55/75lb)
7 Pull-ups
7 Burpees
Block 3:
Row for meters

NOV.4.17 SAT

Aerobic Volume of basic movements with 2nd and 4th intervals used for measuring repeatability.

(10:00w/5:00r x4)
Interval 1:
10/15 cal Row
15 Squat
10 Sit-up

Interval 2:
100m Run
30 Double Unders

Interval 3:
10 Box Step Ups (20″ +wt. if desired)
6 DB Push-press

Interval 4:
100m Run
30 Double Unders