OCT.23.17 MON

a1) Push-up or DB Bench Press
@3010 x 8-10 x 3 sets

a2) Suitcase Deadlift
Use a DB, KB, or if needed a FH as seen in video.
@1111 x 10 x 3 sets

b1) Supinated Ring Row or Supinated CTB
@1111 x 6-10 x 3sets

b2) Single Arm Front Racked KB Squat
@2111 x 8 x 3sets

c) Core/Condition
5 rounds
L-sit Hang 30sec
100m Power Skip

OCT.24.17 TUE

Today’s training is focused on endurance of high speed reps that do not have a lot of muscle contraction. Make sure you choose a weight appropriate to the Rx. It is also about perfecting your technique of these”basic” movements.

(:30W/:30R x 8) x 2-3 blocks (3-5min rest between blocks)

Block 1 (Alternate between skills):
Row for max meters

Block 2:
Sled Push 30/30m

Block 3:
Burpee MB Chest Throw
– Complete a burpee with hands on ball, jump to stand and throw from the chest to wall. Receive the rebound and immediate go into next rep. Stand about 4 feet from wall.

OCT.25.17 WED

a) Farmer Handle Carry
5 x 50m
-25m one way, set handles down and turn around, and then 25m back.
– 60sec max time per set
– build to heaviest for the day
– Rest 2-3min between

b) Stamina Conditioning
E2MOM x 10 rounds, complete:
10 Heavy KB Swings
5 Strict Pull-ups
10 perfect Push-ups
15 Full ROM Squats
– Omit KB Swings if scaling calisthenics. Focus rather on the hardest version of each movement that you can perform unbroken, with the possibility of making Squats, Wall-Facing Squats. Keep the time intervals, regardless.

OCT.26.17 THU

Active Recovery or come in for Mobility Class, O-lift Class, or Open Gym to practice and play.

OCT.27.17 FRI

a) Skill/Conditioning (low intensity)
Perform 6 rounds at a comfortable pace, without stopping of:
250m Row
20 Sit-ups
20m Low Crawl (eyes up, flat back, smooth steps)

b1) Anaerobic Test #1
1 min Max Distance Row
Rest at least 5min before moving on

b2) Anaerobic Test #2
1 min Max Calorie Air Bike
Rest at least 5min before moving on. If not fully engaged and motivated to complete B3, stop here.

b3) Anaerobic Test #3
1 min Max Burpees

OCT.28.17 SAT

a) Teamwork Training Challenge
In groups of 3, complete the following for time:
At 0:00…
At 10:00…
3RM Deadlift (Function)*
3RM TnG Clean (Experience)*
3RM TnG Snatch (Mastery)*
At 20:00…
100 TTB
200 Front Racked KB Lunge Steps**
300 Double Unders
Clock Stops at 30:00
– Triplet for time will have teams starting from a “home base” under any of the rings on flag side of gym. Each time an athletes wants a break, they must put down equipment and run over to base to tag another person in.
* Score of 3RM is the combined weight of each participants 3RM in any of the 3 categories. 1 bar is used for all 3 athletes (15kg), unless all teammates are men, then a 20kg can be used.
** Athletes will all use the same two KB’s unless a major descrepency in skill is apparent. Put weight down and run back to “Home base” to tag in a teammate.

b) Core Circuit
3-5 rounds NFT
60sec/side side plank hold
10 Heavy Sit-ups
20 Russian Twists