OCT.23.17 MON

Today is about working at a high tempo (about 80% of 3min Capacity), but not feeling a sense of max effort.

Run 400m + Max Burpee Box Jump Over (20″max)
(Rest 2min)
Run 400m + Max DB Snatch (50lb max)
(Rest 2min)
Run 400m + Max Wall-Ball Shots (20lb max)
(Rest 2min)
Run 400m + Max Pull-up
– Although the Rx is for max reps, the goal is to keep moving at a high tempo, essentially unbroken for the 3min interval)

OCT.24.17 TUE

Today’s training is focused on endurance of high speed reps that do not have a lot of muscle contraction. Make sure you choose a weight appropriate to the Rx. It is also about perfecting your technique of these”basic” competitive movements.

(:30W/:30R x 8) x 2-3 blocks (3-5min rest between blocks)
Block 1 (Alternate between skills):
Double Unders
KB Swings (Chest height)

Block 2:
Row Max Distance
AMRAP 2 Burpee/3 Wall-ball

Block 3:
AMRAP 3 TTB/2 Box Jump
DB Front Racked Box Step Ups
(hold DB’s parallel to ground)

OCT.25.17 WED

Today’s lifts are focused on either accumulating exposure to high intensity to prepare for an eventual run at a 1RM, or to find it today.

a) Deadlift
@1111 x 2 x 6 (85% 1RM)
– Keep Tempo. No TnG.
– If it feels light, create challenge (i.e. clean grip, deficite, chains, etc)
Find 1RM in about 7 working sets (>90% of current 1RM)

b) Strength/Skill Circuit
5 Perfect Strict Pull-ups
Rest 30sec
5 HSPU (strict if possible)
Rest 30sec
10 Unbroken Squat Clean (50-60%)
Rest 3-4min x 5sets
5 Perfect Muscle-ups
rest 20sec
5 HSPU at 6″ Deficit
Rest 20sec
10 TnG Squat Clean (~70% of last weeks 8RM)
Rest4-5min x 5sets

OCT.26.17 THU

Active Recovery

OCT.27.17 FRI

Today’s conditioning is a TEST, not training. It is about going as fast as possible through the Rx benchmark. Appropriate loading is critical to meet target times. If Pull-ups are a weaker skill, choose the Function Rx, and use cyclical intervals (AB, run, row) to get conditioning dose from Ex/Ma Rx.

a) Skill Practice
For 20min comfortably cycle through the following skills, resting as needed:
TGU (build to challenging wt)
5x Snatch Balance (BB or very light wt)
1 min Row (easy)
1x Squat Clean Thruster (build to challenging weight. Nothing crazy)

b) Work Capacity Power Test

Thrusters (max 95lb)

Aim is to be under 5min for Experience, and around 3min or less for Mastery.

OCT.28.17 SAT

a) Teamwork Training Challenge
In groups of 3, complete the following for time:
At 0:00…
At 10:00…
3RM Deadlift (Function)*
3RM TnG Clean (Experience)*
3RM TnG Snatch (Mastery)*
At 20:00…
100 TTB
200 Front Racked KB Lunge Steps**
300 Double Unders
Clock Stops at 30:00
– Triplet for time will have teams starting from a “home base” under any of the rings on flag side of gym. Each time an athletes wants a break, they must put down equipment and run over to base to tag another person in.
* Score of 3RM is the combined weight of each participants 3RM in any of the 3 categories. 1 bar is used for all 3 athletes (15kg), unless all teammates are men, then a 20kg can be used.
** Athletes will all use the same two KB’s unless a major descrepency in skill is apparent. Put weight down and run back to “Home base” to tag in a teammate.

b) Core Circuit (completed individually)

3-5 rounds NFT
60sec/side side plank hold
10 Heavy Sit-ups
20 Russian Twists