OCT.2.17 MON

a1) Cossack Squat
@3010 x 10ea x 3set (ri30/leg)
– add weight only if bwt is easy and with full ROM

a2) Single Arm Dumbbell Push-Press
@2111 x 5ea x 3set (ri30/arm)
– Use challenging weight while keeping tempo
– Rest 2min after last set before going back to A1

b1) Suitcase Deadlift
@1111 x 8ea x 3set (ri30/side)
– Use DB or raised elevation of fee with FH bar
– Keep posture symmetrical

b2) Dumbbell Powell Raise
@3010 x 8ea x 3set (ri30/arm)
– Rest 2min before going back to B1

c) Core/Conditioning
OTMx10min, alternate between:
– 175-250m row (increase pace each interval)
– 20 Hollow Rocks or sit-ups

OCT.3.17 TUE

AMRAP 30min
200m Run
30 KB Swing
25m Crawl (alternate patterns)
– Stay at light to moderate effort throughout

OCT.4.17 WED

a1) Bulgarian Split Squat
@3010 x 8ea x 3set (ri30/leg)
– max of 50% bwt across both hands

a2) Single Arm Dumbbell Bench Press
@3010 x 8ea x 3set (ri30/arm)
– Rest 2min before going to A1

b1) Sumo Deadlift High Pull
– Pause at Knee 1 sec before finishing rep
6-10reps x 3set
– Load based on consistency and speed

b2) Rope Climb/Legless Rope Climb
1-3 ascents x 3set (ri120)

c) Core/Conditioning
5 rounds (note time)
30sec accumulated L-sit Press
10 Burpee Box Jumps
– land on box with hips higher than knees)

OCT.5.17 THU

Active Recovery. Set up your schedule to have opportunity for light activity, skill learning/practicing, and play for get this, the fun of it! Recovery the body, mind, and spirit and prepare for the rest of the week!

OCT.6.17 FRI

Bi-lateral circuits today. Add rounds as needed. Try to use loading that allows you to keep Rest Intervals (ri) as rx’d. Technique is paramount.

a1) Back Squat
@3010 x 10 x 3set (ri60)
– Air Squat and Split Squat tests met as pre-requisite.
– Alternative: Goblet squat @3010 x 10 x 3set

a2) Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press
@3010 x 10 x 3set (ri120)

b1) GHD Hip Extensions
@3011 x 6-10 x 3set (ri60)

b2) Subscapularis Pull-up Negative
@50A2 x 4-7 x 3set (ri120)

c) Core/Conditioning
AMRAP 12min
15/20cal Row
25/25m Suitcase carry
8 Sandbag Get-ups

OCT.7.17 SAT

Power Clean
+ 1 round of “Basic 3” after each set
– Basic 3 = 5 strict Pull-up, 10 push-up, 15 air squat
– Scale movements to keep volume