Individual Program Design (IPD) is possibly the perfect way to effectively work toward your fitness goals, while living a full and satisfying lifestyle. Our Individual Program Design mixes a custom program with flexibility in scheduled training. You don’t even need to train at our gym! However, that is included in this approach.

One of our Head Coaches will take you through our comprehensive health and fitness assessment meeting outlined in our Group Training Program (GTP) description. Then, as with our Personal Training Program (PTP), we have a conversation about the time line toward your goal, what holistic support you will need, and the level of accountability you want in order to stay on track. Unlike the PTP, after we have clearly written out your program, you are free to work through it on your own at our facility, or with other resources you may have. You will have fast access for questions, accountability, and “eyes on” coaching with the coach assigned to you. 

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