The 5K (3.1 mile run) is the most programed CrossFit workout. Why?  Simply put, it increases work capacity, improves aerobic endurance, and presents an excellent benchmark for your fitness. We are embracing the value of running with CrossFit Collective’s Running Club.  Join us as we hit the trails and embrace the variety of CrossFit training with some trail running.  Every Wednesday we will meet at a designated location at 5:45, and begin the workout.


Whether you’re a runner who loves CrossFit or a Crossfitter who loves to run, take this opportunity to improve your fitness. If running is a struggle or not quite your thing, take this opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and find out some more about your overall fitness.  Embrace your strengths, but take ownership of your weaknesses. If you have not run on trails before, I can promise an experience that you will appreciate.  Our workouts will be programed on 4 week cycles over 12 weeks starting in late April.   Each cycle will begin with a measure of where we are and/or how far we have come.  In the subsequent weeks we will provide workouts aimed at activating a different energy system by incorporating intervals at varying distances, rest, and effort. Effort is key when it comes to training our aerobic systems.  In fact, scaling back on intensity, at times, can not only improve your aerobic capacity but also teach valuable lessons in pacing.  

All workouts will take place at local trails no more than 5-10 minutes from the gym.  County Park and Landis Woods are a few local possibilities that provide beautiful networks of trails with varying terrain.  In regards to the terrain, they are trails and with that some considerations.  Rocks, logs, mud, snakes, bears, to name a few… Joking aside, while trails present some inherent obstacles not found on roads, it is an overall safer and healthier place to run.  Trails take away a lot of the impact on your joints found on harder surfaces.  Because of the varying terrain, trail runners tend to take short quicker strides thus landing on their midfoot or forefoot instead of heal, which will ultimately lead to fewer injuries and is a more efficient stride.  I do recommend a running shoe with good treads as things can get slippery and rugged. If you have one, bring a digital watch with intervals or a stopwatch.

If you are still not convinced, come join us as we kick things off during the last Wednesday in April (4/26) and at least say you gave it a try.  I can promise you will be glad you did.  I can also promise nobody will get left behind.  All workouts will be done in small enough loops or repeats of out and back intervals, to assure nobody will ever be too far from someone else in the group. Finally and most importantly, this geared for anyone who wishes to join us, regardless of ability.   Hope to see you all in April.

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