OCT.16.17 to OCT.21.17 Experience/Mastery Programming (wk27)

OCT.16.17 MON

Experience could simply do this WOD at high speed, and its plenty. Mastery may be able to complete the circuits from Function prior to the condItioning here within. This WOD will probably be between 12-16min

For Time:
400m Run
40 Ring Rows
400m Run
80 Push-up
400m Run
40 Knees-to-exactly-elbows
400m Run

OCT.17.17 TUE

Today should not feel like an incredibly hard day. […]

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OCT.16.17 to OCT.21.17 Function Programming (wk27)

OCT.16.17 MON

a1) Sled Pull (hip anchored)
50m x 3 sets
– Load should be challenging enough to not be able to run, but easy enough to not stop.
– This can be done on the rubber floor for convenience

a2) Half Kneeling Single Arm Press
@2110 x 10ea x 3 sets

b1) Stall Bar Hanging Knee Raise
@3012 x 5-8reps x […]

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OCT.9.17 to OCT.14.17 Ex/Ma Programming (wk26)

OCT.9.17 MON

a) Skill Practice – Muscle-up
Take about 20min to PRACTICE perfection
10 x 2-5 jumping or assisted Muscle Ups
– Rest at least 60sec between sets
6-10 x 1 Negative Ring Muscle-ups (10-ct)
– Rest as needed. Keep quality. Stop at critical drop off.

b) Conditioning
5 intervals of:
100m run
30 Double Unders
10 Pistols (alternating)
– Work/Rest = 1:1

OCT.10.17 TUE

(60sec work/60sec rest […]

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OCT.9.17 to OCT.14.17 Function Programming (wk26)

OCT.9.17 MON

a1) Neutral Grip Deadlift
Use a hex-bar, Farmer Handles, DB, or KB to deadlift while pulling load from either side of the body.
@1111 x 5rep x 3set

a2) Dumbbell Cuban Press
– Keep this relatively light and focus on ROM, and tempo. This is a “small muscle” control movement
@2020 x 8-10r x 3s

b1) Single Leg Box […]

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OCT.2.17 to OCT.7.17 Experience/Mastery Programming (Wk25)

OCT.2.17 MON

For Time:
21 Thrusters (95/65)
400m sprint
Rest 3min
15 Thrusters (115/75)
400m sprint
9 Thrusters (135/95)
400m sprint
6 Thrusters (155/105)
400m sprint
3 Thrusters (185/135)
400m sprint

Same workload. Same load starting point. Add 10lb per interval.

OCT.3.17 TUE

a) Power Clean
Find a 1RM in about 20min
PC should be about 66% of BS
Close Grip Bench Press = Power Clean (1:1)

b) Aerobic Power
8x30w/30r, Alternate between:
Double Unders
Rest […]

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OCT.2.17 to OCT.7.17 Function Programming (wk25)

OCT.2.17 MON

a1) Cossack Squat
@3010 x 10ea x 3set (ri30/leg)
– add weight only if bwt is easy and with full ROM

a2) Single Arm Dumbbell Push-Press
@2111 x 5ea x 3set (ri30/arm)
– Use challenging weight while keeping tempo
– Rest 2min after last set before going back to A1

b1) Suitcase Deadlift
@1111 x 8ea x 3set (ri30/side)
– Use DB […]

SEP.25.17 to SEP.30.17 F/E/M Programming Test Week (wk24)

This week brings us to another testing phase of your training. I’m changing the parameters of testing, in that we’re focused on the slow lifts of Squatting, Pressing, and Pulling. Potentially, you will be doing this with external loads versus bodyweight only. For this week only, you won’t see the traditional categorization as much; […]

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