Dolphin to the Rescue

Hello Lovers of Wellness!


Thank you for checking out this blog!  Be sure to take a look at previous blogs – there’s a ton of wellness information from supplements to recipes.  Also, you can always reach me directly via with all of your Nutrition questions!


Today I have some PAIN RELIEF information!  Because we all […]

This one is “Golden!”

Hello all wellness fans!


Today is a snowy day!  This type of weather has been far and few between this year.  Just yesterday, it was 61 degrees.  My kids were out riding their bikes!  Today, they could’ve gone sledding, but the wind was blowing at a nice 20 MPH and the temps were dipping into […]

Sunbutter Pie

Dearest Collective Friends!


I trust that this post finds you all fit and happy!  If not, I trust that you are setting new goals and working on refining the process on a daily basis!  Keep striving, keep learning, keep loving, keep fighting the good fight!  It’s all worth it!  As for me, I continue to […]

“Should I use CREATINE?”

Yo Yo Yo CFC tribe!


I have another great piece of wellness information for you in this blog!  This was inspired by a question from one of our female athletes.  She asked a somewhat controversial question, “Should I use CREATINE?”  The dietary supplement creatine is a mystery to many athletes.  It has a great history, […]

1, 2, 3, Breathe!!!

Greetings Frigid Friends!


WOW! The temperature has plummeted!  I hope that all of you are keeping warm with your workouts!  I have some great information on the importance of keeping your body moving – not just to keep warm on those cold winter days.  More importantly is the oxygen and energy that are delivered to […]

Cleanse Day Meal Plan (post-holiday necessity)

Merry Christmas Everyone!


I trust that you are all finding time to rest and find peace this week between Christmas and the New Year.  In addition to resting your mind and muscles, use this time to rest your digestive system.  During the holidays, we often overwhelm our bodies with sugar, processed foods, and even alcohol.  […]

RECIPES!!! (and a Happy 7th Birthday/Anniversary Collective!)

Hey all Collective Friends and Fans!


Thank you for checking into this Wellness Blog!  If you have not had a chance to read past posts with information on fitness, supplements, recipes, and more, please do that!  You will not be disappointed.  Also, contact me at anytime via for All Things Nutrition. 


Crossfit Collective started the […]