AUG.7.17 MON

Expectations: Dial in and develop consistency in cyclical conditioning at sub-max pace. Every working interval should be just under individual limit, but not over.

There is opportunity for individual skill work prior or post main Rx.

Pacing Control/Endurance:

Row 500m
Rest 2min
Run 400m
rest 2min

Rest 5min after 400m on 2nd round, and repeat for 2 more rounds.

– Effort should be between 80-90% of max
– Aim to have perfectly consistent splits of each modality across all intervals.

AUG.8.17 TUE

a) Weightlifting – Snatch Skills
Complete: 10 x Snatch High Pull + Snatch + Snatch Drop
– Keep hands on bar in High Pull
– Squat catch position as possible
– Use heaving technique as needed.

b) Accessory Work
Front Squat 5×3 (80-85% 1RM)
Weighted Cossack Squat 3×16
GH Sit-ups 5×10-15 reps

AUG.9.17 WED

Open WOD 17.4 (Rx’d)
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes of:
55 deadlifts, 225/155
55 wall-ball shots, 20/14
55-calorie row
55 handstand push-ups

Open WOD 17.4 (Scaled)
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes of:
55 deadlifts, 135/95
55 wall-ball shots, 20lb to 9’/10lb to 9′
55-calorie row
55 hand-release push-ups

– No time cap. Must finish.
– Use appropriate load and modality
– deadlift at 135/95
– WBS 20lb to 9ft / 10lb to 9ft
– Hand-release push-ups

Take 15-20min mix of row, light skill, and HSPU’s depending on how far into the workout you got.

AUG.10.17 THU

Stay active by moving lightly, smoothly, methodically, and with awareness of needs in mind, body, and spirit. What do you need to do to mend your body as fast as possible?

AUG.11.17 FRI

You can complete segment “A” from Mastery, but it may take away from your ability to use the heaviest weight Rx’d, and maintaining excellent posture through out. Use caution, and prioritize today’s conditioning piece.

5 rounds for time:
200m Farmer Carry (2 DB/KB at 35-53lb ea)
20 Push-ups (Chest touches floor)
10 Push-press (same weight of carry)
– If using KB’s rack them in traditional position down at chest, not sitting on top of shoulders.

AUG.12.17 SAT

a) Gymnastic Skill/Stamina
OTM x 12 min alternate through the following:
min 1) 20-30 Hollow Rocks
min 2) 30-50 Double Unders
min 3) 5-10 Pull-ups

b) Aerobic Muscle Endurance/Hypertrophy
3-5 rounds:
10 KB Swing (24/16kg)
1 x 30/30m Sled Sprint (140/90lb on top)
15 KB Swing
5 Heavy Back Squat (about 80%)
25 KB Swing
5 Heavy Bench Press (about 80%)
50 KB Swings
– Rest 2min between rounds, and about 60sec after each non-kettlebell movement.
– This should not be a max effort. The goal is to adding volume to build endurance and appropriate hypertrophy.