BA Athletics summer classic competition was a blast! This was my first team competition that I have participated in and what fun it was coming in first place out of ten RX teams. Hollie Tripp, Josh Wood, Brett Hoffman and myself were quite the foursome. We had 3 tough wods plus a timed team sprint which we kicked a$$ in that brought us to the top of the podium. Thanks to our amazing programming and the coaches at Collective who are always there to help us achieve our goals. Choosing Collective as my gym was the best decision.. I love this place and my people. 

Kim Minnich
oh the crazy things you inspire me to do…never at 42 did I imagine I would be at a park “playing” on the jungle gym…without kids!
Delaine Peris
Just wanted to tell you guys that what you do at the collective is amazing. You not only make people feel physically stronger but mentally also. You should be very proud of all you’ve accomplished so far! So glad we found you guys!
Aileen Stevens

Why CrossFit Collective?

Friendly and Motivating Community

We value each other, and work hard for a healthy supportive environment to forge our fitness together.

Caring and Professional Coaches

Our coaches are charged with being role models of the lifestyle we teach you to embrace. We are experts at our craft, and will always guide you personally, one step at a time toward your goals.

Programming for Different Goals

Our “collective” of coaches have the answers to tune programming to reach your personal goals. We are diversely experienced, educated, and skilled, to guide you in strength, endurance, mobility, and further to specific aims.

Easy to Follow Progression to Success

Taking the steps to live a healthy, adventurous, and playful life doesn’t have to be complicated. Small steps patiently, and relentless taken are laid out each day for you by our leaders.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

The foundation of health is nutrition and a lifestyle of making choices to support our health. All the “fitness” we do is limited if we don’t take care of ourselves. Our support system prioritizes education, and accountability to help you create a lifetime of healthy choices.

Results that prove your fitness

Your hard work in the gym should be measurable, and evident in all you do in life. That’s the definition of “functional”. We don’t blow smoke. We get you results!


We Are CrossFit Collective

CrossFit Collective started in 2009 with a mission to inspire a passion to build one’s fitness; to teach habits that lead to freedom in health and skills; to connect with others in celebration of the amazing human body.

Teaching, coaching and encouraging are only the beginning, the bare minimum, really, of what you’ll get at CrossFit Collective. Members of our community must commit to putting the hard work in, but our staff are here and committed to helping you improve your wellness. That’s what we believe in. That’s who we are. Moreover, We strive to provide service beyond the expectation of our clients. Our Trainers are well qualified, have strong ethics, high honor and impeccable professionalism.

CrossFit Collective is a 7,000 sq/ft. fitness coaching facility equipped with all the needed “tools” to build your best fitness, while balancing a satisfying lifestyle. We are located conveniently just outside the city of Lancaster, Pa. We offer group and individual coaching, utilizing CrossFit methodology, as well as more specialized approaches to reaching your specific goals. “Going to the gym” will take on a whole new meaning when you join our community.